Timber bolsters

Reliable equipment and timber bolsters of the very highest quality are all very well, but we’re not content with that. With the LAXO LX modular system, all securing of the load takes place at a comfortable working height, which means that the work can proceed quickly, easily and without any worries. It also significantly improves your working environment.

Our automatic tensioners have a longer tensioning length than before and are both reliable and maintenance-free. Together with the LAXO hook, loading and unloading timber is an absolute pleasure.

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The world’s strongest timber bolster?

We have developed LAXO LX to enable you to tailor your timber equipment exactly as you want it. It is a robust, smooth and flexible modular system that builds on the last fifty years of knowledge and experience of timber equipment. The foundations for LAXO LX are the strong aluminium bolsters, reversible stanchions and slide plates that can withstand pretty much any amount of punishment.

The stanchions are torsionally rigid, can be reversed and can cope with extreme loads without becoming deformed. They are installed in the bolsters using weight-saving, robust mountings, which are easy to adjust when you want to dismantle or reverse the stanchions, or replace them in the event of damage.

The structure is reinforced at particularly vulnerable points in order to maximise durability and load capacity.

In order to secure the load or further increase the load capacity prior to transport, you can easily adjust the angle between the bolster and the stanchion.

Secure and drive

You can secure your load easily with the built-in automatic tensioner, which is located at a comfortable working height in the bolster. It has an extra-long tensioning length and is so easy to operate that a child could do it. We have placed the LAXO hook at a convenient height on the stanchion, so that you can lash the load without having to stretch. With the automatic tensioner, the hook and the quick release, loading and unloading timber is an absolute pleasure.

»We are extremely satisfied, above all with the automatic tensioner, which is protected inside the bolster. It’s almost impossible to damage it – even if you drive your timber truck straight into a ditch.

The LAXO LX is a lightweight, modular system, offering a good balance between weight, strength and overall economy that suits us down to the ground.«

Patrik Larsson
Ruddammens åkeri


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