Quick Lock system

Start the day with a skip loader or hooklift, and then switch to a fifth wheel before lunch in order to pull a trailer. In the afternoon you could attach a plough, a tipper, a concrete mixer or a crane body to the truck. A single Quick Lock body can be used on several different trucks, while the same truck can also use several different bodies.

Changing over takes no time at all. Pretty much every time.

One truck – many functions

The Quick Lock system works on both new and old chassis, thanks to the smart Quick Lock intermediate frame. This makes it possible to change over the function of your trucks quickly and easily. Remove the concrete mixer when you no longer need it, and park the fifth wheel when it is not being used.

You can maximise your flexibility at the same time as minimising your downtime.

One function – several trucks

Using the Quick Lock, you can vary your fleet however you want and switch functions between different trucks. Only invest in the equipment you need, rather than buying a permanent turnkey solution every time. You also gain better control over the bodies you use most.

With the LAXO Quick Lock intermediate frame, you can use the same body on different makes of chassis.

Demount the crane

With the LAXO Crane Lock, you can demount your cranes when you are not using them. The Crane Lock is suitable for machines up to 36 tonne-metres and is an excellent solution if you would prefer to load up your truck rather than dragging around two tonnes of crane unnecessarily.