Demountable crane console

If you demount the timber crane at the roadside, you can load an additional couple of tonnes of timber on the rig. This enables you to increase both the service load and your profitability – at the same time as reducing the wear on your equipment. A crane that doesn’t have to rumble around on bumpy gravel roads is a happier crane.

  • Transport timber instead of the crane
  • Maximise your service load and increase profitability
  • Avoid unnecessary wear on your forest cran
  • Suitable for both new and second-hand cranes

You don’t need to either disconnect the trailer or search for a parking space, as the support legs and the crane arm together allow you to move the crane out over the drawbar and park it by the roadside. There it takes up a minimum of space. The LAXO Demountable crane console consequently provides you with several tonnes of additional load capacity for just a few minutes’ work.

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My crane is as old as the hills

It doesn’t matter whether you have a brand new crane or a good-quality second-hand one. The LAXO Demountable crane console works with just about all cranes and is installed directly in the timber frame.