Technical Support

It’s always the same – every time you are faced with a major conversion or repair on your body, a whole load of technical issues arise. At times like this you can turn to our technical support, who are very used to finding solutions to problems. We work with your constructions throughout their service life, from ordering and production through to delivery and aftersales support. What technical problem can we solve for you?

You can also use us as a sounding board when you require a special solution. Our technical expertise is at your disposal, but above all we are used to being creative and thinking outside the box when we design new solutions.

Our technical support ensures that all the equipment is correctly installed and that you get exactly the solution you need.

Technical support come rain or shine

If things go wrong for you out in the field and the equipment is not performing as you want it to, you can contact us directly for advice. We are never more than a phone call away. We may even be able to rectify your problem over the phone. If not, we will launch a task that will lead us to a good solution at the end of the day.

Call technical support:

+46 (0)19-30 56 00

Robert Vestman

»When I call a technical support line, I want them to be helpful and to offer a lot of latitude. There are no stupid questions.

My customers often have an idea about what they want their truck to look like – and it’s my job to turn that into a reality.«

Robert Vestman