Flexible, adaptable bodies

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Quick lock system

Use the same body on several different trucks, or have one truck use several different bodies. Switch in 15 minutes.

Skip loader

Load and unload your skips quickly and easily – exactly where you want them, and so softly that marshalling is almost silent.

Timber bolsters

A modular system with aluminium bolsters, reversible stanchions, hard-wearing slide plates and flexible automatic tensioners.

Securing the load

Flexible, reliable load securing systems for all types of transport. This system can be developed and adapted as much or as little as you want.

Demountable crane console

Demount the timber crane at the roadside and load an additional couple of tonnes of timber. Suitable for new and second-hand cranes.

Concrete mixers

Run the chute slowly and lay the concrete exactly where you want it using remote control and convenient proportional operation.

“The fact that LAXO is always sensitive to customers’ needs, receptive and flexible makes it a simple choice. If there is anything you want, it’s never more than a phone call away.”

Patrik Larsson
Ruddammens åkeri

»Our challenge is to build the world’s best bodies«

We meet our customers’ demands, we drive development in the industry, and we think outside the box. This has positioned us as one of the world’s foremost developers of bodies, load securing solutions, timber bolsters and other equipment for trucks.

Our bodies are made in Scandinavian quality and with leading-edge innovation. We have been a leading developer in the industry for the past 30 years.

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»När du servar hos oss kan vi laga eventuella skador direkt«

Våra påbyggnader är gjorda för att klara de tuffaste utmaningarna – så det är viktigt att ta väl hand om dem. Regelbunden service är förutsättningen för att den ska fungera optimalt under hela sin livslängd.

Med en påbyggnad från LAXO har du aldrig långt till en auktoriserad serviceverkstad. Vår fullt utrustade servicebil står dessutom redo att rycka ut, för både service och akuta reparationer på plats. Det kortar driftstoppen, ökar produktiviteten och får igång utrustningen snabbt.

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»Climate change affects us all«

As a technical manufacturing company, we do our utmost to stay on the leading edge when it comes to the climate, environment and sustainability. We strive constantly to reduce our negative impact on the world around us.

Competition in the transport sector is tough, and new developments are coming along all the time. We also know that for customers, environment, climate and sustainability are increasingly important areas. This is exactly where we want to position ourselves.

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