If you show your body a little bit of love, it will perform better and last longer. Servicing at regular intervals is a precondition in order for your body or load securing system to work optimally throughout its service life. Equipment from LAXO is designed to cope with the toughest challenges – so take good care of it.

Our service workshops go through the entire body, lubricate all moving parts and rectify any problems before they arise. By showing your machines a little bit of love, you can maximise their availability and avoid unnecessary operational stoppages. For anyone who works on the road, planned maintenance is essential.

With regular servicing, you can minimise unplanned operational stoppages.

When everything is going to hell

When everything is going wrong and the motors are screaming at you, there’s not much you can do. A hopeless situation? Here at LAXO, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to get you out of most tight spots. We have all the most common spare parts close at hand and can quickly rectify any malfunctions.

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Just as good out in the field as in the workshop

When you get stuck out in the field and cannot get free, the service workshop has to come to you. No problem! We have a fully equipped service vehicle, ready to turn out to perform both servicing and emergency repairs. This reduces your operational stoppages, increases your productivity and gets your machine started again in no time.

»I always service my machines at an approved workshop, and I think that you should too.

It is smarter to plan maintenance and engage a specialist, rather than to suffer unplanned operational stoppages. It’s better both for you and for your customers.

Prevention is better than cure.«

Anders Elofsson
Service & repairs