Spare parts

If you love your equipment, you will use it actively and frequently – and sooner or later you will need to buy spare parts. Not even genuine LAXO parts last for ever, but we have a well-stocked warehouse containing both spare parts and wearing components for all our bodies. When it comes to special parts, we can either manufacture these or procure them from a third-party supplier.

Through us, you also have access to a wide range of spare parts from several leading suppliers of crane and hooklifts. For example, we stock:

  • HIAB
  • Palfinger
  • Sörling
  • Z-lyften
  • Nordhydraulik
  • Parker
  • Zetterbergs

Never again will you need to search for parts for your bodies. The only question is what are you going to do with all the time you are saving?

Nothing lasts for ever

The most important thing is not for the equipment to last forever, but rather that there are spare parts available when things break down. If your body has been supplied by us, it has been specially designed for your truck and your particular needs. In order to guarantee that your equipment retains its original quality and durability, we recommend that you only use genuine LAXO parts.

Send an enquiry to our spare parts department:

»You’re never happy when something breaks, of course, but you can make contact with the supplier and try to rectify the problem.

In this situation, I think it is important that the customer is treated well and that we are positive and cheerful. In addition, we can normally sort out most issues.«

Arne Blomqvist
Spare parts