About LAXO

We are a technology-oriented business in the manufacturing sector, serving the transport sector with bodies for trucks. At least, that’s what a marketing department would say if they were going to describe us.

Ourselves, we tend to say that LAXO builds good products for people who work with transport on the road or in the forest.

Our recipe for success

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, meeting our customers’ wishes and thinking outside the box. This has positioned us as one of the world’s foremost developers of bodies, load securing solutions, timber bolsters and other equipment for trucks. Our fitters, welders and CNC operators are among the most skilled on the market within their profession.

Our employees are our most important resource, but our focus is always on the needs of our customers. Our high-quality bodies must meet all of your expectations as regards functionality and reliability. We have to keep down the weight of our products and the overall economy has to be good – all with the aim of maximising your profits.

The road ahead is often winding

Many of the solutions and inventions we have developed over the years have gone on to become the norm in the sector. When we look at imported makes today, we see innovations that we started working with many years ago. Examples include hard-chromed hydraulic cylinders for tippers, hydraulic quick locks, intermediate frames between chassis, anodising of stanchions and bolsters, crane locks and timber bolsters with built-in tensioners.

Even though you can buy bodies in other countries, it is important to remember that our products are developed and built for the Swedish market. That is why they are able to cope with the cold, rain and ice without difficulty. You can feel secure in the knowledge that we are always doing our utmost to satisfy your needs and find new ways ahead.

mikael nylen

»Our challenge is to build the world’s best bodies for trucks.

By combining innovation and quality, we provide our customers with the very best solutions – in the long term.

I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to hear about your challenges.«

Mikael Nylén
Sales Manager