Quality & Environment

Being at the forefront as regards environmental, climate and quality issues is a part of our DNA. All manufacturing takes place in energy-efficient premises, incorporating geothermal heating and good insulation. We are constantly working to improve our environment and reduce our impact on the climate.

When you want Scandinavian quality

Competition on the roads is very tough, but you can become a winner by always investing in equipment of the highest quality. This gives you the best overall economy over the years and minimises unplanned operational stoppages. You could say that we incorporate profitability in your body right from the design stage. For our part, quality means not compromising when it comes to machining, function or the choices of materials.

We have always focused on quality, and were awarded ISO 9001 certification back in 1995 (Certification.pdf).

Environment ♥ sustainability

By manufacturing equipment of the very best quality and selecting high-strength materials, we provide our customers with good overall economy – at the same time as reducing our environmental footprint. Products from LAXO are designed to last and the majority are recyclable.

We sort our waste in order that as much as possible can be recycled.

Be climate-smart and save fuel

Our extremely efficient hydraulic systems deliver full function even when the truck’s engine is running at low revs, which reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions. We have an awareness of climate issues throughout our business, and we are constantly working to reduce our emissions.

When we invest in new machinery, the climate issue is an important factor in our choice of supplier.

Ylva Sandberg

»The climate changes that are taking place in the world affect us all.

As a result, it is important for us to minimise our environmental impact and to handle oils and other waste correctly.«

Ylva Sandberg
Finance & HR