Skip Loader

Pick up your remote control and operate the lift function smoothly and continuously. With the LAXO Skip Loader, you can load and unload your skips quickly and easily – exactly where you want them. The high-quality proportional control means that you maintain complete control, even when moving a heavy load.

You will notice immediately that our latest skip loader is lighter and faster than before – yet with no loss of power or efficiency. We have focused heavily on safety and on making the lifting process faster.

  • One or two skips
  • Lifting capacity up to 18 tonnes
  • Proportionally controlled lifting and folding arms
  • Arm system with extra-long reach
  • Designed for maximum service life

Radio control comes as standard and the arm system offers extra-long reach. With proportional control on both the lifting and folding arms, you can operate the machine carefully and use several functions at the same time.

It’s smart to be green

In order to save fuel, money and the environment, the hydraulics are only activated when required. We call this EcoDrive. Supplement your skip loader with hydraulic lashing and LAXO EcoSpeed to streamline marshalling and to save time. Our most efficient folding arm skip loader can transport two skips at the same time, thanks to a hydraulic projection at the rear end.

Lash around and around and around

Not installing a LAXO Container Rotator when you build a skip loader on your truck ought to be a crime. Almost, at any rate. The ability to rotate the skip is an incredibly smart and time-saving solution, which means that the opening is facing in the right direction from the outset. You save additional lifting and a whole lot of frustration.

You can install the LAXO Container Rotator on both new and existing skip loaders.

Remote control makes the work child’s play

Radio control is included as standard, and when combined with proportional control this means that operation is both smooth and convenient. It also allows you to operate several functions in the arm system at the same time. In short – complete control in combination with smooth and flexible lifting.